Sustainability — How to Meet the Demands of Today’s Employees

54% of females say that climate compensation benefits are very important to them

Generation Z Demand Greener Benefits

An organization’s benefits offering can play an important role in an employee’s sustainability efforts and attracting new talent. Our survey reveals that 54% of females say that climate compensation benefits are very important to them.

Giving Employees the Freedom of Choice

An employer-sponsored flexible benefits scheme or flexible benefits budget made available through an employee benefits platform allows employers to assemble a variety of pre-tax offerings from which employees can then choose from to create their own customized benefits package.

Younger generations, including Generation Z, are attracted to organizations guided by clear values

Benify’s New ECO Label Benefits

In Sweden, where many organizations offer their employees benefits provided by various suppliers through the Benify platform, employees can now find a large number of employee benefits marked with an ECO label. This means when employees are browsing their benefits selection in the platform, they can easily identify and choose greener, more sustainable benefits in the platform. To be classified as a greener benefit, the benefits with the ECO label must meet Benify’s conditions and requirements. This means suppliers that have established a strong sustainable brand in the market, or ones that can clearly be identified as sustainable compared to other suppliers offering similar services or products.

Benify’s marketing-leading global benefits and total rewards platform
  • Various sustainable mobility choices, including bicycles and public transport
  • Carpooling, including electric cars
  • Climate compensation benefits
  • Home cleaning benefits using environmentally friendly products
  • Grocery delivery services offering local and organic produce



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