Do Employee Benefits Actually Increase Employee Engagement?

Benefits and Job Satisifacton

The study reveals that employees who are most satisfied with their total benefits offer estimate their own level of engagement 11.5% higher than the average and 25.3% higher than those who are least satisfied. Moreover, the proportion of employees who see themselves as ambassadors for their employer is also 21.5% higher among those who are most satisfied with their benefits.

92% of employees indicated that benefits are important to their overall job satisfaction

Something For Everyone

The Whole Package

With the average employee spending approximately 40 hours a week at work, employee benefits add extra value to those hours and give employees that something more.

In the war for talent, the value of a company’s benefits offering cannot be overstated.

Being Flexible

As a way to support flexibility and work-life balance, in addition to their regular vacation days, Adecco in the Netherlands offers its employees an additional 13 days a year, which employees can choose to have paid out fully, paid out in part, or take as vacation days.



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