Digital HR tools can reduce or prevent employee burnout

A total rewards platform that’s in line with the WHO

The WHO lists several preventative measures that it believes will reduce burnout in the years to come. Here are just a few measures that employees should have according to the WHO:

Streamlining HR processes that create better work environments

Another reason for employee burnout is the antiquated approach to HR processes that some companies choose to adopt. This can mean onboarding and offboarding takes longer, meetings can drag on and be many, and company & team events can fall by the wayside. Some employees may feel as if they have little contact with their colleagues and their managers, creating a work environment that is far from perfect.

Putting employees first: a total rewards platform in action

With burnout now an officially listed condition, companies have never been more aware of how their employees are feeling. Michael Siljö, Business Director at IT company Softgear, said “We want to be an attractive employer even before someone starts with us. Then, [after they’ve joined us, they’ll see] we’re very generous and pay for everything from marathon participations to buying a ski pass. Our benefits set the tone for what sort of company we are.”



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