4 Ways To Reduce Employee Stress

According to a 2018 Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees, 23% of employees feel burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44% reported feeling burned out sometimes.

Employee stress is a serious issue and, if not managed, can lead to burnout, long periods of absenteeism, as well as a number of mental health issues. So, what can companies do to reduce employee stress?

1. Give Praise…The Right Way

In her book Mindset, Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, discusses the difference between having a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset — that is to say, the difference between believing our abilities are fixed and stagnant versus the ability to continually grow, learn and develop.

  • “Great work! You beat a tight deadline. Thanks for working so hard to get it done.”
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2. Open Up The Channels of Communication

Effective communication is crucial to every workplace. Creating an environment with open communication leads to fewer misunderstandings and creates greater transparency.

3. Make Information Easily Available

Research by McKinsey found that “The average interaction worker spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing e-mail and nearly 20 percent looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.”

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4. Promote Employee Wellbeing

What better way to reduce employee stress than focusing on offering and implementing tools which support employee wellbeing? Countless studies have shown that happy employees are more engaged in their work, take fewer sick days, and more likely to people ambassadors of your company.

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