4 Ways Data Can Help You to Better Understand Your Workforce

Using data, employers are better positioned to provide an outstanding employee experience.

1. Use Data to Better Understand Your Global Workforce

Using a global benefits and total rewards platform, HR leaders can get a company-wide overview of their entire workforce, all in one place, all in a single view. Administrators can use filters to drill down and sort employees into any number of categories.

2. Use Data to Understand What Benefits Employees Want and Use

Inside every company today there are multiple generations working together, each with their own needs and preferences. Use data to see what benefits employees are enrolled in and which selections are being made from flexible benefits schemes.

With data at hand, employers can tailor their benefits offering to meet the specific and varying needs.

3. Use Data to Gauge Employee Awareness of Total Reward

In our Compensation Gap report, we see that 8 out of 10 employees underestimate their total compensation package. On average, employees are unaware of up to 33% of what their employers spend on them.

4. Use Data to Gauge Employee Satisfaction Levels

In addition to gaining insight into the number of employees who are aware of their total reward, you can also use data to gauge overall satisfaction. As one Forbes article shares: “HR teams can use data to make better HR decisions, better understand and evaluate the business impact of people, improve the leadership’s decision making in people-related matters, make HR processes and operations more efficient and effective, and improve the overall wellbeing and effectiveness of the company’s employees.”



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